Getting around: Taking the Gautrain in Johannesburg

Even for the savviest of travellers, Johannesburg can feel a tad daunting to navigate sometimes.

No fear, here comes the #1 thing/sight in Jo’burg, the Gautrain.


Built to relieve major traffic congestion, the train was conceptualized prior to South Africa winning the hosting rights for Fifa World Cup 2010 and was constructed over 2 phases.

Conveniently, the train runs along from OR Tambo Airport, through Sandton, Rosebank, Pretoria to Park station. Some of these stations have connecting platforms to the local Metrorail. The full map could be viewed below.

The Gautrain can be located at the 3rd floor of the Departure area. To use the Gautrain, one can purchase a Gautrain Gold card (pay-as-you-go, 7 days and 35 days pass are available).


Within the carriages, the seats are configured in a 6 by 4 and oozes simplicity and comfort. More importantly, it encouraged friendly conversations. All in all, it took me approximately 30 minutes, and a cost of 145 South African Rand (~ $15sgd). to get from OR Tambo Airport Station to Rosebank Station.


Cosy way to navigate Jo’burg definitely. Travelled in May 2016.




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