Victoria Falls: Zambia or Zimbabwe side?

One of the first question that comes up when planning a visit to Victoria Falls will be

“Zambia or Zimbabwe, which side is better?”

The answer from all of us at Tripeon is a definite “Visit both!”, that is if there are no constraints on your time/budget at this largest waterfall in the world. So for the ease of comparison, here’s a summary of the pros & cons between the 2 sides of Vicfalls. But first a piece of golden advice, although you can literally stroll between both sides with a 30 mins+ walk, it’s still better to break up your visit and NOT do both in a single-day trip. 

Welcome to Zambia!

Zambia Pros

  • Close-up waterfall viewing. Knife-edge bridge and the Boiling pot whirlpool simply let you have a better ‘feel’ of the power of Vicfalls
  • Swim in the Devil’s Pool during dry season. The picture at the top of this article is real! Definitely the best natural infinity pool in the world

Zambia Cons

  • Lack of accommodations. Only two hotels close to the entrance of Victoria Falls, the Royal Livingstone Hotel and the Zambezi Sun
  • At the height of dry season the Zambia side dries up leaving just a rock face
  • Very challenging to take clear pictures of Vicfalls during wet season
Entrance to Zimbabwe side

Zimbabwe Pros

  • 75% of Vicfalls are on the Zimbabwe side, including most of the iconic views. Also, water flow all year round even during dry season
  • Good variety of accommodations within walking distance to Vicfalls
  • Compact tourist town with markets that are convenient and accessible
  • World class Safari parks like Hwange national park and Chobe national park (in Botswana) are a day-trip away from Victoria Falls town

Zimbabwe Cons

  • Steeper entrance fee (USD30) than Zambia side (USD20)
  • No access to popular activities like Livingstone Island tour, Devil’s pool swim & Microlight flights, which can only be done from the Zambia side

In the end, you’re sure to have an incredible experience no matter which side of the falls you pick. We hope this summary helps in planning your trip to Victoria falls, do leave a comment if you need more information or additional tips for amazing Vicfalls!

*Visited June 2016



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