Top 5 Heart shaped sights in the world

With Valentine’s Day just round the corner, here’s a selection of 5 amazing places to visit with your special sweetheart

St Paul’s Bay – Lindos, Rhodes, Greece


A trip to the famous archaeological site of Lindos which lies on the east of the Greek island Rhodes is only complete with a visit to St Paul’s Bay. Besides the appararent ♥♥♥ view, the bay also offers two beautiful beaches, soft sands and warm azure waters perfect for swimming

Heart of Voh – Voh, Koné, New Caledonia


Near the township of Voh, a mangrove swamp has developed an intriguing natural design in the form of a perfect heart shape. It’s name? Le Coeur de Voh (The Heart of Voh), which is on the cover of Earth from Above, a book of aerial photography by renowned photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand. The heart is too big to see at ground level, so riding a helicopter or climbing to a viewpoint are the best ways to see it

Heart Reef – Whitsundays, Australia


A coral formation off the Whitsundays islands in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, beloved Heart reef protruded naturally from the water’s surface in the shape of a heart. The small atoll can only be appreciated from the air as snorkeling, diving, and landing of any sort are forbidden; Making it a popular destination for scenic helicopter flights, especially those involving marriage proposals

Pelo camp island – Okavango Delta, Botswana


In the middle of the flooding Okavango Delta is an island oasis named Pelo Camp. The word Pelo in Setswana means ‘heart’, a fitting name inspired by the distinctly shaped island on which the camp is situated. At the center of the Jao Concession, this is how the Delta is meant to be enjoyed – remote, genuine, and wild. This ecologically friendly camp also generates 100% of its own electricity, allowing unobtrusive wildlife viewing and a sense of being at one with nature whilst on a light carbon footprint

Twin-Heart Stone Weir – Qimei, Penghu County, Taiwan


While not exactly natural since it was created by fishermen to trap their catch from the incoming tide, the Twin-Heart Stone Weir in the township of Qimei, Taiwan, is worth a visit for its aesthetics and to learn about the ancient sustainable fishing practice of stacking stones into concentric traps


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