Getting around: YouBike in Taipei

Cycling has always been a great way to explore any new destination, and Taipei is simply one of the best metropolis in the world to do that. Taiwan’s capital offers extensive infrastructure for cyclists, such as various networks of dedicated cycling paths

Cycling has even become part of the culture in Taiwan, with the country producing one of the world’s best bicycle brand, Giant. It also helps that most popular cycling paths are located along scenic rivers surrounded by amazing greenery. For more information you can find a detailed  Taipei City Cycling Map here

Most popular Bicycle rental service in Taipei: YouBike

You might have already seen them on streets of Taipei before you realised what they are


YouBikes, yellow/orange rental bikes popular for short distances commute within the city. A public bike sharing program, you can rent a bicycle at location A and return it at another location B. The 24-hour electronic unmanned bike rental service also has more than 150 stations in Taipei alone, making it a truly convenient and hassle-free way to move around the city

You can click here for a better look at the YouBikes and the stations themselves

How to use the YouBike


Step 1: Join in the ride by starting a YouBike account

If you intend to use the YouBike multiple times during your time in Taipei, it is better to start an account with YouBike before the first ride, and there are 2 ways to do this. Note: Both ways require you to possess a local mobile number and the easily obtainable Easycard

Method 1) Register an account here online, at YouBike’s official website

Method 2) Register on the spot, at any YouBike stations. Registration instructions are available in English

Step 2: Renting the YouBike

Once you are done registering an account with YouBike, you can start riding immediately. Detailed information about the rental process can be found at the on-site control panels, but in short its a simple swipe of your Easycard at the control panel sensor (green indicator light means bike is available), the YouBike will then unlock and you are ready to go!

YouBike Control panel

Step 3: The easiest step – Ride!

Once the YouBike unlocks, you are free to pedal away. Enjoy the ride!

Price: from NTD10 (USD 0.35 ) per 30 min for the first 4 hours

Step 4: Returning the YouBike

When you are ready to return the YouBike, find a station with an empty dock (indicated by a blue light on control panel). Align your YouBike with the docking port, then push your bike all the way in. You should hear a loud clicking sound if the bike has docked properly. The blue light on the control panel will then start blinking and begin to emit a beeping sound. To complete the returning process, swipe your Easycard at the control panel sensor. This will trigger the YouBike rental payment and the indicator light should now switch back from blue to green


In summary, Taipei makes for the perfect cycling destination with its cycle-friendly culture and highly developed infrastructure. With many rental/return stations and easy account set-up, convenient and affordable YouBike is definitely one of the most useful tool one can use to move about Taipei in a free & easy manner

*Tried in Jan 2017


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