Airport Lounge: The Haven

For people living nearer to the West side of Singapore, it is sometimes quite challenging to haul our own asses to the airport during the ungodly wee hours to catch an early flight.

Fear no longer! We at Tripeon would like to write about our past few experiences at The Haven, the only landside airport lounge at Singapore Changi Airport. Located at Terminal 3 Arrival Hall opposite Macs, this lounge offers an exclusive, convenient and private zone before your flight. If you are no-frills traveller, all you need are the complimentary passes (2 per year) from most travel credit cards and good timing (they are quite strict about the 3 hrs usage). Furthermore, you can save the extremely fast wifi for future use! (step aside, airport wifi)

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So what do you get with your free pass? Similar to a hotel, there is a reception where you check in. During check in, you get to order a meal / request for shower key. Nap rooms are priced separately.

The snack corner has fruit juice, fruits, soft drinks, cereals, biscuits and instant noodles in case you need a quick bite before your nap. The sofas are generally comfortable (if you are not fussy) and there are plenty of ports to charge your electronic devices. The shower rooms are fantastically well maintained and equipped with hot showers. The meal selection ranges from local to fusions to westerns.

So here’s what i did on my last visit before a 5am flight chk in. I took the last train and reached Changi Airport at around midnight. Had a quick bite at Macs with the Haven’s wifi powering my entertainment. I checked in at 1.30am, and informed the reception of my flight chk in timing. I got the shower key, and ordered my meal.

Then I slept on the couch. 3 hrs straight.

When I woke, i took a long hot shower before settling in for my prawn beehoon. I left the lounge a happy man and it sure beats sleeping on the airport benches/ dragging my ass out of the house early. The sleep also ensured i could enjoy my flight better.

Think there is a better way to do it? let us know your thoughts/ comments!

*Visited Feb 2017


2 thoughts on “Airport Lounge: The Haven

  1. Good tip.
    Even for the day it can be rather useful as a resting place. Mel used it once to host visitors transiting with only hours on their hand before their next flight. Have to say it is a good lounge indeed and pretty affordable.

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