Holiday Inn Express @ Raya Kuta, Bali

Be it luxurious, boutique or no-frills accommodations, one is definitely spoilt for choices when visiting Bali, the happy Indonesian paradise beach town. We at Tripeon would like to share one of our recent stays which proves to be good value for money – Holiday Inn Express Raya Kuta, Bali

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While a little off-center and away from Kuta/ Legian beach (20-30mins walk), the hotel provided a large room and well-maintained amenities at a quieter location, with breakfast included. If you are intending to travel to Seminyak, a grab cab 20mins ride costs about SGD$3-4. Also worth mentioning is the hardworking security at the hotel entrance, scanning every vehicle entering and the helpful staff who were patient with my requests.

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Personally, I am not a huge fan of the crowded Kuta beach, and would rather prefer to stay in to get my swim laps / tan. The hotel pool was of decent length with a good sun angle for tans. A 24hrs fitness center is available for weight junkies and other exercises. Breakfast (6.30am -10.30am) was pretty standard fare across the hotel chain. Not the best, but hey it was filling and there were fruits to kick-start my day. If you want a restaurant/local fare, the nearby Bali Bakery and Dewi Sri Food centre would be able to tease your taste buds.

The vibe of the hotel is one that is unpretentious and down to earth. I would suggest taking a walk through the streets towards Cozy Spa (a well-reviewed massage place), where you would be able to see a more behind-the-scenes Bali, instead of the glam parties and sky-high prices that the other tourist traps offer.

All in all, at SGD$45/ night, this was truly an enjoyable stay. I had a good rest, and a good rest is key to a great trip!

Hotel tips:
– Ask for a room away from the pool as it can get noisy during evenings
– The pool is relatively empty from 11am- 2pm. Quiet time to get some sun
– Avoid peak breakfast hours from 8-9am.
– Walk to Cozy spa through the lanes (daylight) and get a actual feel of local Bali
– The Bali Bakery (2mins walk) and Dewi Sri Food centre ( 1min walk) offers good food at decent prices and atmosphere.

*visited Mar 2017.


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