Rice and Zen @ Chiangmai, Doi Saket District

For my 30th bday.

I didn’t really want to drink myself silly for a life milestone, so I sought for a place/retreat to truly enjoy the company of close friends and nature.

I found Rice and Zen Boutique Resort, tucked away in Doi Saket.

Our impression upon arrival, to say the least, was nothing short of amazement. The views of the swimming pool against the padi fields and far flung mountain ranges were fantastic and inspirational. Under the careful nurture of our host Michael and his helpers Maya and Arnold, the resort had different spots/ waterfalls/ lounge chairs/ pavilions to allow guests a temporary reprieve from their busy urban lives.

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The resort has two guest villas, the Teak Villa and the Bamboo Villa, accommodating up to maximum of 6 people. According to Michael, Arnold built the 2 -storey Teak Villa from scratch for guest couples. Quite a feat indeed. It was also decided that the well-equipped gym will be located beneath this villa. The Bamboo Villa, on the other hand, is able to house up to 4 persons. This Villa has a outdoor shower and an interesting in-room plant decoration. In addition, the swimming pool and fish ponds ( where we could feed Koi) are exclusive for guests use. The main building, where Michael and his helper stays, is finely dotted with photos of Michael’s family, introducing a classic and homely family vibe. Michael also has two cats, jokingly named Kathy and Perry. Also worthy of a mention, Maya prepares the heartiest of breakfasts!

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With a rented car, we were also able to explore Mon Cham, Elephant Nature Park/ Ran Tong Elephant Park, Chiangmai Old City, which are all within an hour to two away (more on these places in future posts). There are also several well-reviewed Italian/ Swiss restaurants in the resort’s vicinity i.e Arbutso, Vivobene, that whips up mouthwatering dishes at decent prices!  Do note that it can get quite be dark at night (high beams) so try not to return to the resort too late.

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All in all, we had a great time staying in Rice and Zen, and will definitely recommend this place to families/ couples who are looking for a luxurious retreat (PM me if you want to know further details i.e the prices/ directions).

We forgot our time here, and you would to.

*stayed in Apr 17.

With our host, Michael


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