Getting Around: GrabTaxi in Yangon, Myanmar

In a previous post on Tripeon Travels, we mentioned about Grab, the popular South-East Asia rival to Uber being available in Vietnam. Hence it is of great interest to us when Grab announced that it will be starting operations in Yangon, Myanmar beginning April 2017. With a planned trip to Yangon (early May) on the cards, we decided to try out the service during our time in Myanmar’s capital. Here are our findings

Taxi availability

Available Taxis in Downtown Yangon

So what the Grab app does is essentially calling an official taxi to your requested location and fare calculation will be based on distance. As its still the early days of Grab’s operations in Yangon, taxi availability is rather limited. However with few users on the app, getting a taxi still proved to be a rather painless process

Sample fares

Sample fare: Dagon centre to Junction city

For our first ride on the app, we took the Taxi from a KFC at Dagon centre to Junction city Yangon. The fare? MMK2500 (USD2) for the 5-km ride! A pretty good first try to say the least

On our second try, we decided to use the app to get a ride from Myanmar Plaza to our Hotel at Downtown Yangon. For the 8-km ride the fare turns out to be a good value MMK3800 (USD3). After this ride, we were convinced that Grab is a viable and good way to get around Yangon, and will be our first choice of transport until a certain Uber makes an appearance in Yangon

Conclusion: Pros & Cons

Grab Pros

  • Fixed price (Haggling required for normal Taxis)
  • Burmese language not required when using app
  • Grab’s Taxis tend to be newer and will turn on AC without asking
  • Generally cheaper for Tourist who can’t speak the local language

Grab Cons

  • Limited Taxi availability
  • Waiting time tend to be around 10mins longer than indicated in-app

In short, having the Grab app in your mobile phone is definitely one of the most convenient and hassle-free way to get around Yangon city, and we highly recommend any travelers to give it a try when in Myanmar

Happy Grabbing in Yangon!

*Traveled May 2017


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