Top 3 sights in Lithuania: Castle, Hill, Town

A land of wood and water, proud independent Lithuania (Lietuva) is fast being recognized as one of Europe’s gems. Southern-most of the Baltic states, it’s a pocket-sized republic that’s a nature lover’s delight, yet lacks nothing in urban excitement. We at Tripeon firmly believe that now is the time to visit Lithuania, and would like to introduce everyone to the top 3 sights in this lovely country


The Crown jewel of Lithuania's tour sites #trakai #trakaicastle #castle #lithuania

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With its red-brick fairytale castle, quaint wooden houses and pretty lakeside location, Trakai town is a must-see just 28km from Lithuania’s capital Vilnius. Most of the town stands on a 2km long tongue of land wedged between 3 lakes. Undoubtedly, the centerpiece of Trakai is its picture-postcard castle, atop an island on Lake Galvė. The painstakingly restored Gothic castle dates back from around AD1400 and is now linked to the nearest shore with a footbridge. Once inside, its compound includes a courtyard, center court and a main tower consisting of a range of galleries, halls and rooms now partially restored as the Trakai History museum. In summer, you can even pickup a rowing boat near the footbridge and enjoy a romantic time on Lake Galvė


Crosses galore #hillofcrosses #siauliai #lithuania

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Atop a small hill about 12km north of Šiauliai is a uniquely spiritual sight, as here stand thousands upon thousands of crosses planted by countless pilgrims. The precise origin of the practice of leaving crosses on the hill is uncertain, however that doesn’t stop countless newlywed couples to visit in droves on weekends, exchanging vows at this awe-inspiring site. The sound of thousands of crosses, which appear to grow on the hillock, tinkling in the breeze is a wonderfully peaceful experience that all visitors to Lithuania should not miss. To get here from Šiauliai, take a Joniškis-bound bus (10 minutes, up to seven daily) to the ‘Domantai’ stop and walk for 15 minutes, or just grab a taxi for around €20


Vilnius, the baroque beauty of the Baltic is a city of immense allure, with Eastern Europe’s largest old town at its heart. A Unesco World Heritage site, the old town’s winding cobbled streets, hidden courtyards and lavish old churches does well to retain the feel of an era gone by. For more information about this charming capital of Lithuania, check out this previous post we wrote about the Baltic states capitals

* Traveled April 2016


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