Video: Having Dizi, a local Iranian Dish

Featuring Tripeon I having a go at making/ serving Dizi ( with quite a lot of help from the restaurant owner) .

Also known as Abgoosht, Dizi is an Iranian Stew made up primarily of chunks of meat (usually mutton) and chickpeas. To make the dish, one has to first pour out the soup, before launching into a fierce-some mashing of the meat within the pot. The soup and mashed meat can then be enjoyed with rice and/or bread.

Local Iranian Dish Dizi at Yazd – Tripeon I

PS: The resturant, Traditional Termah and Toranj was an off-road find with our friends Vaic and Sebastian. Although it is located at a basement, the compound was spacious and inspiring, completed with a courtyard and rugs for the customers to sit. Highly recommended go-to food place in Yazd!

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